• What Columbus Believed About the Earth (Early Cartography, Famous Cartographers, Famous Explorers, Maps & Explorers, Renaissance Cartography, World Maps)
    Columbus' misconceptions inspired a voyage which would never have won backers had the truth been known.
  • Defining Lines: Cartography in the Age of Empire (Early Cartography, Exhibitions, Famous Cartographers, Maps & Explorers)
    An exhibition reminds us that, at the time of empires, maps were more than just tools for the explorers to find their way.
  • Carta Marina 1516: A New Approach to Map Making (Early Cartography, Famous Cartographers, Maps & Explorers, Renaissance Cartography, World Maps)
    For his 1516 "Carta Marina", cartographer Waldseemüller changes his approach to map making.
  • Where was Columbus Born (Famous Explorers, Maps & Explorers)
    Could Christopher Columbus actually be the son of Polish King Władysław III?
  • The Marité – The Last Cod Fishing Boat (Maritime History)
    This 90-year boat which used to fish for cod in Newfoundland waters is magnificent and it taught me how large and gorgeous those fishing boats were.
  • Five Centuries of Cod Fishing (Early Colonial History, French America)
    I recently the book "Cinq siècles de pêche à la morue - Terre-Neuvas & Islandais" (Five centuries of cod fishing) written by Nelson Cazeils (in French, sorry!). The book discusses the history of cod fishing in all its aspects.