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Layang Layang resort

Encounter With a Shark!

Here in Layang, Layang, Spratly this week, we truly feel like the odd couple. Everyone here is a diver. One American even asked us - very surprised - "How is it possible?! You are here in one of the top diving spots in the world and you don't realize it?!".
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Malay children

Very Exotic Malaysia

In the few days we spent on the Malaysian island of Borneo, I have done some of the most exotic things I have done in my entire life. A few of them could be easily added to a top 10 list!
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Langkawi resort

Old Malay Houses on Langkawi Island

Old Malay houses at the Bonton resort in Langkawi Island, Malaysia. That special place, a small resort (12 rooms) is composed of old Malay houses, 120 to 150 years old, on stilts, made of nice tropical dark wood and nice carvings.
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