Learning Ink & Watercolor – Urban Sketching

There is a whole community of artists practicing the style of art called Urban Sketching across the world. So much so that an artist's material company, Etchr Studio, seems to target this clientele!

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When we talk about urban sketching, we obviously talk a lot about architecture and perspective; Two subjects that can be intimidating at times.

So here we go. Part of my “artistic journey”, I went to explore my neighborhood library and stumbled upon the book “101 sketching tips” (it also exists in French “101 conseils pour réussir ses croquis“.)

What a great discovery! This recent book (2020) is written by Stephanie Bower, who has been doing urban sketching and teaching for many years and has even won awards for her travel diaries.

The book is very well structured and illustrated. It is filled with very relevant advice. I learned a lot.

I then looked to see if she is teaching classes online. Well, yeah! Stéphanie Bower offers several courses on the Craftsy platform, including a remarkable course “The Essentials of Sketching Architecture“. You learn the principles of one and two vanishing point perspectives, and even how to apply these principles of perspective to arches or stairs. Brilliant!

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