Learning Ink & Watercolor – Etchr Studio

I just discovered Etchr Studio's "demo" videos. These are 40 to 60-minute demonstrations from really talented artists. The notes list the material and colors used, which is really helpful. Here are the ones I particularly liked.

Photo from Brian Ramsey’s demo.

Here are the ones I particularly liked:

  • Watercolour a Scenic Countryside Postcard – Brian Ramsey – Beautiful watercolor of a seaside landscape, with rocks, a house, and the sea;
  • Capturing Moments with Fountain Pens and Watercolour – Alán Ramiro Manning – Watercolor of a window with a beautiful shadow work;
  • Gripping Lines in Rapid Drawing – John Harrison – Excellent artist. Good techniques for ink drawing of stone walls, perspective, shadows, and profile lines. Landscapes similar to the ones I love in Brittany;
  • Painting Swirling Seascapes in Watercolour – Andrea England – An original way of painting the sea, with lots of movement, by creating a set of lines and curves, a bit like Van Gogh’s starry sky;
  • Architecture Sketching with Ink and Watercolour – Amy Stewart – An Amsterdam sketch. Amy likes to create some nice contrasts by inking some very dark areas, at the bottom of her sketches. She also added touches of color in trees, when the background paint was still wet, for some nice effects.
  • Urban Sketching with Playful Perspective – Stephanie Fowler – An Amsterdam building. Some of the tips are similar to Amy Stewart’s such as having darker lines at the bottom of the sketch.
  • Pen and Ink Contemporary Urban Sketching – Siu-Lan Choi – A London apartment building. Siu-Lan uses an interesting technique, working one building at a time, and taking reference points on one building to sketch the next building.
  • Urban Sketching Stories with Ink and Watercolour – Thierry Chehab – Thierry, from Beirut, shows similar techniques to the previous artists, with very marked shadows in ink. He begins with the large “blocks” of its composition. Its colors are simple and vibrant once the design is completed. He likes to paint only one of the buildings in his drawing, to enhance it.
  • Exploring Colour Contrast in Ink and Watercolour – John Albany Hoyle – John uses a completely different technique. He begins by painting large areas of watercolor. He then draws the main lines of his drawing and adds details little by little. He then returns to watercolor to work with shadows and add details. He also uses a white gel pencil which highlights small details. Its ochre yellow juxtaposed with a vibrant purple is magnificent. It keeps the sky and the streets colorless.
  • Graphic Bird Illustrations in Mixed Media – Kristen Vardanega – She prints the reference photo in gray to see the different values ​​of her composition. Her brush is flat with an angle, which allows her to easily vary the thickness of the lines. The details made with a white gel pencil are also interesting.
  • Gorgeous Gardens with Mixed Media – Sarah Van Dongen – Sarah definitely has a very recognizable style. She often draws scenes of everyday life in vibrant colors. She reminds me a little of Matisse. So it’s interesting to watch her draw. She starts by painting large areas in gouache, and then adds the details in colored pencils. Sometimes these are just lines.

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