Rediscovering Brittany

Brittany is where I came from. I left. And here I am, having to rediscover the place I came from.

I was born and raised in Brittany but left for America when I was 22. America was a place where everything was possible. But there is nothing like being back home. And Brittany is the best place to come back to.

Brittany is so rich in traditions: legends, music, costumes, and more. Brittany also has those breathtaking landscapes, the granite, the seashores, the old fishermen’s houses. What more would you want?

Oh, let’s not forget the seafood, the great artichokes, the wine, and the cheese. I am so glad my husband fell in love too with this rainy and wild part of France!

Well, last summer we bought a little house in the middle of it all. Not that I will tell you where it is – not yet at least. This is our secret.

But I’ll share all of my surprises, as we experience buying, renovating a little house in Brittany, and spending time there.

Here we are, me, the Brittany girl looking at France from a very North-American point of view, and my adorable American husband who had that crazy and loving idea to buy a place here in my home place!

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