Sea Salt Caramel – A Brittany Favorite

Salted caramel. A few years after becoming so, so popular in Brittany, that delicacy crossed the Atlantic!

When I was growing up in Brittany, no one ever talked about sea salt caramel.

But things have drastically changed. These days, if you spend any time in Brittany, we will not be able to miss it. It is everywhere!… on every menu, on crepes, ice cream, in desserts, and available for sale in every store!!

In French, it is actually called “caramel au beurre salé” which translates to “caramel with salted butter“.

And it is addictive. Sea salt caramel has that perfect balance between salty and sweet.

And now that delicacy has actually crossed the Atlantic!

But please… let’s stay purists! Stay away from recipes with unsalted butter and added salt… what’s the point?

Got to use butter with sea salt added… please!

Soon, we’ll share our favorite recipe. In the meantime, check out this article from the Saveur Magazine, with a number of caramel dessert recipes. ENJOY!

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