Books on China

I have been reading a few books about China.

Update: Here is a more complete list of books I read about China and Asia.
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I have been traveling in my mind. I read Mao’s Last Dancer, a wonderful book, a great insight on the life of a peasant and then a dancer in Mao’s China in the 70s.

I also read Notes from China, also about Mao’s China.

And I started the Travels of Marco Polo.

I would recommend Mao’s Last Dancer. It is a fascinating story about China (with the last part actually taking place in Houston, Texas, as this young dancer became a very famous dancer there) and you don’t have to like dancing to enjoy it. I am sure that, as I tell stories about life in 2007’s China, I will relate back to these readings.

Yep, there are still a lot of stories I want to tell. And there are more travels to come.

My husband and I are leaving back to Asia next Tuesday. We will be in Dehli, India for one day (I cannot wait, I hope to take some nice photos there) and then in Malaysia (far up in the jungle) and also at a secret location (my husband’s secret) for our honeymoon, and back to China until Christmas.

Well, I promise, I will keep sharing stories and photos. And if you know about any great book on China, let me know!

2021 update: They made a movie from the book Mao’s Last Dancer.

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