Historic Vermont Towns

Often, the historic Vermont village centers have remained just like they were in the 19th century, with their white church, its steeple, or town meeting hall dominating the green, mountain backdrops.

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Vermont has so many of these historical towns, with their traditional greens (also called commons).

Most often, the time has left these village centers just like they were in the 19th century. Their white church and steeple or town meeting hall dominating the green, the forested mountain backdrops, and the overall sense of both openness and coziness make many of these small villages very picturesque, without a doubt. No wonder that Vermont is considered such a special place for vacations… and weddings!

Village commons are actually based on an old English tradition. In England, villages had common land and landowners had the rights to fish, cut wood, take sand and stone, dig peats, and graze their livestock on such lands. In New England, all settlers could graze their livestock on the common land. Located at the center of the village along with its first town meeting hall, it was a gathering place for farmers who lived on dispersed farms across the countryside.

In Vermont, most of the villages were chartered in the second half of the 18th century. Today, there are 251 cities and towns in the whole state of Vermont, and among those, here are 30 towns that the author Norman Williams Jr. considered the most picturesque ones in his 1984 book Vermont Townscape.

We’ve often traveled around the beautiful state and seen most of these quaint places, they are definitely worth the detour! Our favorite ones? Probably Strafford and South Royalton!

… so if you’re driving around, make sure to drive through them and stop, enjoy the scenery, and snap that “perfect picture”!

Brandon Hyde Park Peru
Brookfield Manchester Plymouth
Chelsea Middletown Springs Randolph Center
Chester Montgomery South Royalton
Craftsbury Common Newbury South Woodstock
Danville Newfane Stowe
Dorset Norwich Strafford
East Poultney Old Bennington Thetford Hill
Grafton Orwell Weston
Guildhall Peacham Woodstock

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