British Capture of Fort Ticonderoga – Reenactment

In early July 1777 (July 5th to be precise), Continental Army’s General Arthur St. Clair decides to evacuate Ticonderoga, and British General John Burgoyne captures the fort, before advancing to Saratoga. This July 21-22, 2012, it was fun to attend the two-day battle re-enactment highlighting this climatic summer of 1777 as the Fort’s American garrison was outflanked by the British invasion force descending from Canada.

The reenactment took place on the actual grounds where the events of early July 1777 happened. We could experience the British cannoning atop Mount Defiance, activities in the camps, troops’ inspections, American and British armies maneuvering across Fort Ticonderoga’s surrounding grounds, and the final retreat.

Below are some photos from that nice day.

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