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Born and raised in Brittany, France, I have lived for 25 years in Montreal, Quebec, 7 months in China, 10 years in the USA, one transition year in France, and I am now back in vibrant Montreal, with the desire to spend some summer time in Brittany. I have a small food consulting business, enjoy the world of explorers, traveling (especially in northern countries), graphic/web design, photography, food... and blogging about it. And I LOVE being snowed in... I believe that happiness comes from finding joy in a simple life, living every moment at its fullest, reaching serenity by staying positive, even when times are tough, and truly caring for loved ones and strangers.

Surfing in Iceland – “Under an Arctic Sky”

Under an artic sky
If you are a Netflix subscriber, you MUST watch this documentary "Under the Arctic Sky" (40 min)! You don’t have to love surfing to simply love it! This group of crazy surfers is traveling the world to find the best waves to surf. So here they are, in Iceland, in the middle of winter!